Sertacide Cream (Sertaconazole)


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Fungal infections


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Sertacide Cream (Sertaconazole)
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What Our Customer Says

Sertacide Cream 10g is mainly used for the treatment of athlete’s foot disease called tinea pedis among immunocompetent patients who are 12 years of age and above. Along with this, this cream is also effective in curing fungal infections on the skin. Thus, people can buy this cream to get the fast remedial process of the above conditions.

Buy the Sertacide Cream 10g which will help to cure tinea pedis a condition that occurs in athlete’s foot. This is an incredible medication that works in eliminating fungal infections on the skin as well. Come to Sertacide Cream Online and buy it now at cost-effective prices.

What is Sertacide Cream 10g?

The Sertacide Cream 10g effectively works in treating the sore feet of athletes although, at the same time there is a serious foot condition named tinea pedis, which is cured by using the above ointment.

However, it will also help to provide an effective curing solution to those who experience an infection of the skin that is caused by fungus growth on the skin which is called mycosis.

At the same time, this cream will eradicate the problem of inflammation and soreness of athlete’s foot that is caused by Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Epidermophyton floccosum, and Trichophyton rubrum. On the other hand, this medication is suitable for immunocompetent patients who are above 12 years of age.

The most crucial active component of Sertacide Cream comprises Sertaconazole. This ingredient works excellently in the treatment of an athlete’s foot. Cipla Ltd is a leading pharma industry that has manufactured Sertacide Cream.

Uses of Sertacide Cream 10g

One of the major uses of Sertacide Cream 10g is that will generally help to eliminate the severe types of infections on the athlete`s foot.

It is also helpful in dealing with several types of skin infections that are caused by fungal growth in the body.

The fungal skin infections that are treated by using Sertacide Cream are thrush, ringworm, flaky skin, dry skin, Dhobie itch, and many more.

The entire fungal infection in the foot and skin can be easily and quickly abolished by using this cream that is 100% natural and has no side effects.

It is a highly recommended anti-infection cream that will give the fastest possible recovery of all types of fungal infections on the skin and foot. Using this cream regularly can clean the fungus on your skin immediately.

Benefits of Sertacide Cream

As the benefits come with Sertacide Cream USA, which will give you the speediest healing process for all types of fungal infections on the skin and body.

If you have tinea pedis, a common disease that triggers infectious diseases on feet. So, it will be cured when you apply Sertacide Cream on an affected area of the foot.

Another important reason people are recommended to use this cream is that can surely kill the fungal infections on the skin and help to prevent ringworms and thrushes.

If people have dry and flaky skin as well as experience other yeast infections on the skin and just because of it your skin gets scratches and itchiness happen much more, so, that moment Sertacide Cream is helpful.

There will be no more infection on your skin and foot area when you start using Sertaconazole Cream.

Sertacide Cream Online is available at budget-friendly costs so, that anyone can afford it.

How does Sertacide Cream 10g work?

Sertacide Cream 10g comes with incorporating an active element called imidazole antifungal sertaconazole nitrate. This cream starts functioning by killing the fungus or yeast on the body which causes severe infection.

However, the Sertacide Cream eliminates the fungi that act by allowing the gaps to unblock inside the membrane cell and the compounds to overflow. Furthermore, this process helps in destroying fungus as well as thwarts the infection.

Buy Sertacide Cream 10g in Australia and UK

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Simply, when you start using Sertacide Cream, and then make sure you have washed your hands with water properly.

After that, you can take a few pastes of creams and then apply them on the infected areas of the skin where you have such problems. You need to use this cream twice a day on a per-day basis.

Once you have used this cream, after this procedure you are recommended to clean your hands properly. Doing this every day will help you to recover from fungal infection immediately.


  • Sertacide Cream is for external uses only so don’t apply on the internal area of skin.
  • You should use this cream correctly on the affected area.
  • Do not mix this cream with other medications and use it.
  • Do not use this ointment with an overdose.
  • Leave your skin for a few hours after applying Sertacide Cream, and then rinse it.
  • Wash your hands properly before and after using this cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stop using Sertacide Cream 10g after I feel cured?

No, you cannot medicate yourself even though, continue this cream unless your doctor says to discontinue.

Does sertacide Cream belong to a steroid?

No, Sertacide Cream 10g is only a combination of azole antifungal drugs and is widely used for eliminating the spread out of infections that are caused by particular fungi.

Do fungal infections increase from person to person?

Yes, the fungal infection spreads from person to person directly from skin contact so, try to make a distance from the persons who have fungal infections on your skin and use the recommended medicine that is called Sertacide Cream.


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