Shipping and payment

Our shipping and payment policies define how you can pay us and how we shop your product and are some of the terms and conditions that lie within. It is a good idea for you to check out the terms and conditions of shipping and payment that are given here for your reference and to avoid any disputes later on. 

What are the general means of paying us?

We have all the common means of payment that you can use. You can pay us by using any standard international payment validated debit or credit card. Along with this we also accept payment using net banking and mobile wallets.

As of now, bitcoin is not accepted as a means of payment. By having so many common means of payment it becomes easier for our customers to pay us. Now, you can use any of your preferred means to pay us.

How does Genericmedsaustralia offer a safe place for you to transact online?

Genericmedsaustralia offers an entirely safe place where you can carry out your online transaction with ease without worrying about the theft of highly private and confidential data such as debit or credit card numbers, PINs, and other information.

With us, you are entirely sure that none of your confidential payment data is under the concern of being compromised in the hands of the hackers.

Generic meds australia features some of the modern mechanisms of firewall prevention to make sure that your confidential data is safe within the servers. We also do not reveal any of your data to any third party.  

What is the general time taken for you t ship your product?

We believe in providing faster shipping and courier right at your doorstep is one of the most critical parameters of providing the best customer satisfaction. Customers don’t like to wait for too much time after their order is done.

We can understand that when it comes to ordering medicines someone’s life is in critical condition. We bear the responsibility and understand your emotions and pledge you for delivering your order faster to your doorstep.

It takes only around a few days to complete all our domestic orders. And for international orders, the time is around 10 days.

But bear in mind that this delivery time is only an expected delivery date. The original date of delivery will vary depending on a few conditions. You will get an email from us on the day the final delivery will take place.

Also, do remember that in times of contingencies such as natural calamities, natural disasters, lockdowns, etc. there can be severe delays in delivering your order.

Orders lost during transit

Sometimes orders may get lost during transit from our end. We understand that this is completely unacceptable but unfortunate incidents can happen.

In such a case we request the customer bear with us. You do not have to pay any charges again. We will ship the product once again to you.

Giving an authentic and valid address

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to offer us a valid and authentic address if you want to ensure that your order reaches your doorstep in the first attempt itself.

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