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You need to check out the privacy policy on GenericMedsAustralia that we have. We recommend that each customer read it to have an idea of how safe it is to use our portal and how we keep our customer’s information private. 

We recommend that you read out the privacy policy for GenericmedsAustralia and then come to our website to order your medicines while feeling more secure.    

We provide you with the safest portal online to order medicines comfortably from your home such that you do not have to worry about your online security. 

Providing your information

For buying medicines, you will need to provide us with a few basic instructions to order online through our portal. We bring to you a portal where we feel you need to share only that much highly required information with us.

You do not have to share too much information with us, and this will also save you a lot of time on product orders. One of our highlights for the privacy policy of GenericMedsAustralia is that we share as minimal information from us as possible. Of course, you have to be willing to provide us with all the non-redundant information since we must know about some basic information such as your name, email address or even your mobile number and so on. 

We will collect only this information from you. of course, you will also share your residence or the deliverable address.

Registering Before Making An Order

You will not have to spend too much time completing the registration process while buying medicines on our portal. But with that being said, you do have to fill up all your information during the purchase. 

You do not have to undergo any mandatory registration process during the first signing up. You may wish to volunteer to register yourself and become one of our members, but that is your choice. But remember that even guest users will be authenticated for the first time visiting our portal. This can be done by providing your mobile number, Email id and setting up your password into your demo account. As soon as you complete the registration process, we will provide you with a permanent account from where you will be able to check out your past orders, transaction history, payments, and even track your current orders. 

Providing The Correct Email Address

Providing the correct email address is extremely important. Unless you provide us with an authentic email address, you will not register on our website even as a guest user, as even this requires you to give us an email. You must be willing to provide us with an email as all further communications between, and you will be done via email only. You must inform us about the email during the first signing. Remember that this is a part of the basic authentication process where we will be sending you an OTP to your email address. Any further need of verification, such as during product ordering or cancellation, are those processes where we will be sending you with OTPs on this email address only. Make sure that it is active. 

If you are not receiving your emails sent from us, you might check out on the spam folder and remember to remove us from the spam list as from further on, and you will be receiving all emails in the inbox itself. 

During each stage of the process, such as during medicine ordering online through our portal or even when you cancel your order, we will be sending a communication via respective emails with vouchers to this email only. You can also communicate with us via email. 

Providing The Correct Shipping Details

You also need to provide us with the correct shipping address. This is one of the vital parts to ensure that you can receive your orders from us. You see, if somehow you are not able to track down your address, then you might not be able to receive your medicine package as our representative will have no other option but to send back the order. You must provide us with the correct address. We recommend that you include any nearby landmark, as this may come in handy to track down your address. 

Some of the critical aspects of the address must also be mentioned, such as the house number, block, area, locality, street name, and lane number. Remember that our representative will even call if they need any assistance to figure out and track your address on the day of final delivery. We ship to addresses only, and we are partnered with many corresponding courier agencies who help us access the remote locations around town.  

Accepting Your Cookie Policies

It is up to the customers whether they want us to pre-save their data. Because if you do, then you have to accept our cookie policies. Suppose you are bored of filling in the same data and personal information during the product ordering phase time and time again. In that case, at the privacy policy for GenericMedsAustralia, you get a separate section under cookies. 

You can allow us to accept our website cookies, and in doing so, you will permit us to pre-save your data. Well, this will come in handy each time your product ordering phase is going on now. You don’t have to fill in any of the data, and all of it will be pre-saved. Suppose you want to edit personal information such as your address or mobile number. In that case, changing under the personal details section will also reflect the pre-saved data automatically on our cookies section. 

Age Restrictions On Our Website

We do have some minimum age criteria on our website. According to our privacy policy for GenericMedsAustralia, you can only become eligible to buy and transact medicine on our portal provided you are above 18 years of age. 

If not, we recommend that you do not proceed any further. We do not like you to disclose your age, but you have to confirm whether you are above 18 years of age or not. 

Providing Product Reviews

We do like it the most when any of our customers share a product review or a comment sharing their feedback and experience. If you wish to, you can do so after using any medicines. 

But remember that this part is optional and generally left up for the users to decide on themselves.

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