Our disclaimer policy is in regards to a few terms and conditions. Make sure to check out our disclaimer policies to avoid disputes and confusion later.

You need to accept the various rules and conditions specified within and buy from us.

Sharing your information with us

You may share your information with us if you like. There is some information that you need to mandatorily share with us. The following are some of the mandatory information that you can come and share with us for making an order. 


The email is mandatory information that you need to share with us irrespective of whether you are one of the registered customers or a guest user.

It is one of the mandatory pieces of information we collect from all clients such that all information sharing can occur via emails.

From the moment you order till you receive your package at the doorstep at different phases, you will get emails from us. We suggest you keep your email active until the time the product delivery is over.

Other mandatory information

There is some other mandatory information that you have to share with us such as your name and phone number. You will also have to confirm our age restrictions by checking the tick box on the dialog box to confirm that you are above 18 years of age and understand all the risks of sharing your information online and paying online.

Payment details

You need to share your payment information details such as credit card numbers, debit card numbers, PINs, etc.

No cash or draft payments are acceptable. Thus you have to pay us via one means of online payment. But we can assure you that the entire payment transaction occurs over a safely verified portal and thus you do not have to worry about sharing any of your confidential information with us.

The entire payment transaction will occur on a smooth 256-bit SSL secured private connection layer.

How do we safely store your information?

We store your information on our data servers that are highly secured using the most advanced firewalls and antivirus defense systems. Your information is safe and is stored in digital lockers which are kept as records for ensuring complete data storage in the future.

Accepting cookie policies

Whether or not you need to accept cookie policies is entirely up to you. We will suggest that if you are a regular customer on Genericmedsaustralia then you can accept our cookie policy. This will ensure that you do not have to share the same information time and time again while buying medicines from genericmedsaustralia.com.

When you accept our cookie policy then you will receive all your data in a prefillup manner as it is saved in our servers. 

Age guidelines

The age guidelines are for the customer’s safety only. It states that one who is below the age of 18 years does not have the authority to conduct transactions on Genericmedsaustralia. 18 years or more are the people who can buy from Genericmedsaustralia.

As soon as you ensure Genericmedsaustralia you will see a pop-up box displaying on your screens. When you tick this check box it means that you are above 18 years and understand the risks of paying online and sharing information with us.

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