Cancellation Policy

For customers who are buying medicines from genericmedsaustralia, it is necessary for you all to have a look at our cancelation policy. Reading the internal terms and conditions will allow you to have an overall happy experience while shopping from genericmedsaustralia and avoid disputes.

Here are a few details that you should know when canceling your order from genericmedsaustralia.

When can you cancel your order?

You can cancel your order any time you want until you receive the package at your doorstep. For canceling your order all you need to do is visit and then go to the orders section.

In this section, you can see all your current and other existing orders. Choose the order you want to cancel and then cancel it following the instructions in a stepwise fashion.

You can also place the cancelation by phone by calling on our customer helpline number.

Shortly after we accept your cancelation order you will receive an email from us.

You have to share your order id and some other details of the order so keep everything ready.

We reserve the right to deny your cancelation order

We hold the right to cancel your order in case it is more than 7 days after receiving the package at your home. In such cases, you will not be able to cancel your order and have no way back.

Remember that 7 days is the cut-off time that you get for canceling your order. After 7 days from the date of receiving we will no more accept your cancelation order.

For what reasons you may cancel your order

There are a few reasons that you have to choose mandatorily while making the cancelation order. Here are some of the following options that you can choose from-

Ordering of the wrong product or brand of pills

Made an order for an incorrect dose

You do not need the product anymore

The cost of buying medicines are simply too high

You are not satisfied with our customer services

Delay in receiving of your package

You have already found a more suitable product at a cheaper price on another portal

Wrongfully placing an order

How do you get back your refund?

To get back your money you will have to send us your bank account details. shortly after we accept your refund order we will send you an email confirming the amount of the refund. This amount is the exact amount after deducting all the charges and taxes.

Remember that all refund orders are refunded by online transfer. No other mode including cash or draft modes is entertained.

You will have to provide us the right details of your bank account. It is entirely your responsibility to check with the bank on whether the account has been credited.

Can there be any cancelation charges?

Yes, when you cancel your order you will have to pay a cancelation charge. Also, you may have to pay for additional charges but that depends on a case-to-case basis.

In any case, you will not receive the taxes paid.

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