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Generic Meds Australia has terms and conditions a user needs to go through; we have created them with a customer-friendly approach. We urge all our customers to read the terms and conditions page carefully. It will make their experience way more fantastic and confusion-free. Terms and conditions are general rules that this web portal works on, and it is not created to hurt anyone or to benefit certain people. All our customers are equal to us, and we respect everyone as we value all our customers.

Please go through the following terms and conditions for the best experience at Generic Meds Australia:

Services-related terms and conditions

  • We are bound to provide services to all regardless of region, religion, cast, gender, or anyone with a genuine and authorized prescription.
  • Services that include products will also be offered according to the details shared on the respective page.
  • The company has the right to change the offers, details, and information provided on any page of the product and services without prior notice to the customers.
  • Order of the product will not be able to be placed if a customer is not uploading the authorized prescription.
  • A customer can buy those medicines without a prescription which don’t require one.
  • Please check out all the product or service details before placing your order.
  • Products or services will be provided until the stock lasts and will not be in the company’s control. The company is bound to provide them until the stock lasts anyhow. 
  • The product’s defect at the manufacturing level would not be a company’s fault if the company is not the manufacturer of the same product.

Confidentiality and Security of information and details of the customer

  • We understand the delicacy of our customers’ information and details.
  • We assure the confidentiality and Security of customer information and details.
  • It is the customers’ responsibility to provide the right information regarding both their personal and health-related information through authorized prescription.
  • The company won’t be answerable for the wrong information provided, and the individual customer will be solely responsible.
  • All the customer data will be used to provide them with a great experience at the website; the company might use it to provide the right product suggestions and offers and to overall enhance the feel of the website.

Rates terms 

  • We do not promise regarding the prices; they can change at any time according to availability.
  • Once the order is placed, the customer will get the product at the same price of the time of placing the order.
  • Sometimes, the prices that are indicated would be exclusive of taxes; a customer must take notice of that.
  • We always remind all customers to check prices and offers and the difference at the time of checkout as there should not be any misunderstanding created and to avoid we show all the rates, discounts, and offers at the time of checkout.  


  • There are some payment-related terms and conditions that need to be taken care of by customers.
  • Payments need to be made in advance or before the time of placing the order.
  • Payments options are given by the company and customers need to choose one from them only, there won’t be any exceptions.
  • Once the payment is received by the company then only the further work on the order will start and the customer will be informed through message and email for the same. 

Shipping Terms

  • Delivery or shipping details show on product page could be vary due to various reasons that are not in the control of the company or its associates which could be natural disaster or act of God.
  • Shipping will delivered to the given address, so please fill in the correct address.
  • If an issue arises during transit, the customer will be informed.
  • Packaging of the product for shipping will be done by the company with international standards so, there are least chances of damage.
  • If a customer finds a damaged parcel, the company should be informed of the same before starting the use of the product, or else the return or refund will not be considered.
  • Shipping charges will be exclusive of the product price.
  • Free shipping is only available to the customer who is ordering a certain amount of products, and the free service will be mentioned at the time of checkout.

Other terms and conditions

  • Images and information shown on the web portal are research-based, created, and written by experts, but it is not a final take on any information.
  • A health provider’s consultancy is needed. A customer should not base treatment on the information provided on the web portal, as it is not authorized medical advice.
  • Please read all the terms and conditions before you do business with us.
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