Refund and Returns Policy

We encourage all our customers buying medicines on Genericmedsaustralia to read the return and refund rules to know about the terms and conditions preset on Genericmedsaustralia to avoid any confusion later.

When can you return your delivered item to us?

There certainly some occasions when you can return the delivered package to us.  You might have found that the wrong brand of medicines or a wrong dose was delivered to you.

Or else you might not need the medicines right now.

All this is subject to a basic requirement that you have not used the purchased product because if you have then under no circumstance the product will be returned. Also bear in mind that you only get 7 days for informing us of a return order. This period begins from the day you received your order and even includes holidays.  You will not be entertained for a refund after 7 working days.

How do we provide a refund?

We will return your money only after one of our executives visits your address, physically inspects the product for signs of any use, and then after the same is updated on our records will we return your money.

No products are returned if any signs of use are noticed such as a broken or tampered seal. The final call entirely depends on our executive who will be visiting your address.

Also, all refunds are done by way of direct bank transfer. No physical cash refunds are entertained. You will have to share your account details post which we will be doing the refund. 

Once the refund is done at our end you will receive an email from us stating that all our duties and responsibilities end hereby and no further queries in this regard will be entertained. The email will also include the details of the refund amount.  You will have to check with your bank on whether the money is credited back.

What is the time taken for a refund?

The time taken for the refund will generally be around 7 days from the day we get the intimation of your product return. We do not hold any responsibility in case you have provided a wrong account number or any of your bank details are wrong or whether third-party funds credit is enabled in your account.

Can there be any charges that you may have to pay?

Yes, you may have to pay charges fur return orders. There is a return fee that will be excluded from your return amount. Also, none of the charges and taxes will be refunded back.

What if your order is lost during transit?

Generally, if your package of medicines is lost in transit you will be duly informed by us. Remember that during such scenarios you may need to wait for a much longer tenure for receiving your package.

Generally lost orders that are not accounted for are re-shipped by us without charging the customer one more time.

You will have to bear with us for the delay caused in delivering your package or else you may wish to cancel the order entirely post which your money will be refunded back excluding all charges and taxes.

Paying customs duty

It is the prime responsibility of the customer to pay the customs duty if such a charge levies on the medicines ordered. We will be duly informing you of the same. But you visiting the customs duty office to retrieve your package and paying the charges is none of our business and we cannot be held accountable if the product is shipped back to us for non-show up of the customer. But you will be eligible for a refund though.

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