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Eyelashes Growth, Glaucoma, Ocular hypertension


Actiza Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd (INDIA)


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Latisse Generic
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What Our Customer Says

Buy Generic Latisse | Latisse Generic Solution for Hypotrichosis & Elevated Intraocular Pressure

Do you have coarse and dry eyelashes? Does your thin eyebrow doesn’t allow you to feel the confidence you want to have? Do you think you can maintain the medication dose for the condition regularly? If yes, you can try the dose of Generic Latisse, and it will help you to a great extent.

Buy Latisse Generic today. Latisse Generic consisting of Bimatoprost as the active ingredient is an effective medication for treating the symptoms of elevated intraocular pressure and hypotrichosis of eyelashes. The dose must be taken with a prescription only, and it can be used either alone or with other medicines. It is advised to use the dose in the adults only as it isn’t known yet if the medicine remains to be safe/effective for the kids.

What Is Latisse Generic?

Manufactured by Sunways India, Latisse Generic is a widely accept and use medication that is used in the treatment of hypotrichosis. It is its effectiveness of it, the correct dose of Bimatoprost working as its active ingredient, and the quality assurance provided by Healing Pharma that today, the medicine is used by people from around the world. They do so by maintaining keen eyes over the production since the start. So, if you are willing to try the dose of Latisse Generic solution, go ahead with it.

With the correct and prescribed dose of Bimatoprost that gets used for the treatment of glaucoma. The medication works to extend the anagen phase of the hair cycle of the eyelashes, hence increasing the thickness, darkness, and growth of the eyelashes in a simpler, safer, and faster way. The dose also helps in increasing the hair within the growth phase, hence allowing the users to have fuller lashes. As an FDA-approved drug, it works to strengthen as well as increase the length of the eyelashes, too, while you receive the chance to regain your confidence of yours with that healthy and beautiful eyelash.

One must not overuse the product. One must neither alter its use nor only make the use of the drug right as prescribed by the doctor and not prescribe or provide the same solution for anyone else suffering from the same condition. It is because not all suffer from a similar condition and the doctor considers varied factors when prescribing the dose of the medication. Further, also try to complete the full course of the treatment, as it will help to have effective results.

What Does Generic Latisse Consist of?

Generic Latisse Online consists of the dose of Bimatoprost, the FDA-approved medication that helps with the growth of the eyelash. It is the liquid drop that is used directly on the upper eyelids, and the effects of the dose, once the medication begins, can be seen in a week. However, it can take around four months for seeing most of the improvements, as part of the medication.

Why Do People Need Latisse Generic?

Buy Latisse Generic Online for treating hypotrichosis of eyelashes or in patients who do not have sufficient or have inadequate eyelashes, by treating glaucoma. As the dose helps with increasing the growth, thickness, and length of the eyelashes, it allows one to get confidence about themselves. It allows the eyelashes to be more noticeable.

Generic Latisse Benefits

Generic Latisse solution is useful for treating eyelashes hypotrichosis by increased growth, including the thickness, length, and darkness of the eyelashes. Just make sure to use the dose as prescribed and keep the face clean, with contact lenses and the makeup removed, to allow the dose to work correctly and provide the needed treatment on time.

How Does Latisse Generic Work?

Latisse Generic consists of Bimatoprost, the topical prostaglandin. It gets used for improving eyelash growth, but the mechanism it follows to treat the condition isn’t clear yet.

The dose of Letisse Generic solution works to increase growth within the growth cycle allowing the lashes to sprout after the concerned cycle. One can apply the solution of Latisse serum by just dabbing the same carefully upon the eyelids, every night. The effects of it will be visible in 2-3 months.

How to use Latisse Generic?

Apply the Generic Latisse Tablets every night. Make sure you follow the directions provided on the prescription or follow the advice of the doctor. Do not try to use the medicine in a larger quantity than what’s recommended. To use more of it wouldn’t make it much more effective.

Try to use the dose in the evening time or as advised. Do not wear the contact lenses when using the dose, and wait for 15 minutes, at least after the use of Latisse Generic, before you apply back the contact lenses. Also, wash and dry up your face before you use the medicine. Remove the makeup, too, and for further questions, contact your doctor.


The dose of Latisse Generic is meant for adults only, and the dose must be taken as prescribed. In general, only one drop of the solution is applied to the eyelid margin of both eyes. The additional application or drops wouldn’t increase the growth of eyelashes. So, maintain the dose.

In case there is any runoff, blot using the tissue or any absorbent cloth, and when applying the solution, use the new sterile applicator for each of the eyes. The growth of eyelashes is expected to return to the pre-treatment level if the drug is discontinued abruptly.

Drug Interactions with Latisse Generic

Latisse Generic consisting of Bimatoprost, in general, doesn’t have any drug interactions but still, make sure to provide the health care provider with the list of all the medications you are on. Remember that many drugs can interact with one another, and therefore it is important to maintain safety precautions. Especially if you are using some kind of non-prescription or herbal products, inform about the same.

Side Effects

There are certain side effects associated with the dose of Latisse Generic. They are,

  • Hives
  • Difficulty within breathing
  • Swollen eyes
  • Eye pain
  • Increased sensitivity to the light
  • Burning/itching of eyes
  • Redness or discomfort in the eyes
  • Halos around the lights
  • Darkened skin around eyes, etc.

Warning & Precautions

  • Stop the dose if you have vision changes, and consult a doctor.
  • Follow the directions provided with the medication. In case of any questions, consult the healthcare provider.
  • Try to apply the dose usually every night.
  • Do not use the medication if you are allergic to the dose of Bimatoprost.
  • Do not use the dose if you have swelling/infection in your eyes if you had eye surgery, or if you had any injury which affected your eyes, etc.
  • Avoid getting the Latisse Generic outside eyelash base.
  • Use disposable applicators that are provided with the medicine for applying it. The same applicator must not be used for both eyes.
  • Apply the drops directly on the eyelid.
  • Do not place the medication directly in the eye.
  • It might take around 2 months to see the results. So, continue the dose and do not stop it abruptly.

Where to Buy Latisse Generic in Australia?

Latisse Generic Australia can be bought through offline and online modes. If you are planning to make the purchase online, choose Generic Meds Australia. They offer varied medications like Latisse Generic for sale and make the purchase affordable. They also provide huge discounts and the best offers with the offered medicines. So, go ahead and check out Latisse Generic Price, to place the order today and get the same home-delivered without any hassles.

Is Latisse Generic Legal in Australia?

Yes, the dose of Latisse Generic is completely legal in Australia, but only if the same is bought and sold with a prescription from the doctor. Make sure not to use it unprescribed, or you risk getting altered effects.

Latisse Generic review

As per Latisse Generic Review, the medication, when used as per prescription, helps in the growth of the eyelashes in terms of length and thickness at the same time. Further, one must make sure to be careful around the eyes and, if needed, seek medical help immediately instead of waiting around for the dose to settle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the dose of Latisse Generic change eye color?

No, the solution cannot change the eye color. The ingredients in the serum it doesn’t cause such drastic changes.

Can Latisse Generic darken skin?

Yes, the dose can cause skin darkening, in specific around the eyes.

Is Latisse Generic the best option for eyelash growth?

The dose is FDA-approved and is a very popular treatment for promoting lash growth and treating other disorders related to the eye. So, it is one of the best options one can use, and it would be safe to use only if the dose is maintained as prescribed.

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  1. Ben Slapoffski

    I have been using Latisse Generic medicine for a long time. Very instant and professional service… Happy customer from Australia.

  2. Jasper Norton

    I was very pleased with the ordering process. Excellent service & prices. I am extremely satisfied….!!

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