Duphaston 10 mg (Dydrogesterone)

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Female infertility, Pain during menstruation, Endometriosis


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Duphaston 10 mg (Dydrogesterone)
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Buy Duphaston 10 mg USA, UK, Canada & Australia: Female Infertility Medicine, Menstrual Pain Relief & More

Duphaston 10 mg tablet is something you can rely on whether you’re suffering from female infertility, severe menstrual cramps, or recurrent miscarriages. Let us discuss all the essentials of these Dydrogesterone tablets.

What is Duphaston 10 mg (Dydrogesterone)?

Duphaston 10mg tablet is a prescription drug addressing a lot of health issues in women. It is mostly suggested for improving progesterone deficiencies, female infertility, Endometriosis, period pain, and so on. This medicine can be a short-term or long-term treatment based on the underlying medical condition to address. Use it as guided by the healthcare provider and it’ll help relieve those symptoms effectively.

Duphaston 10 mg Uses

So, which medical conditions is this medicine prescribed for? Here is the list of top medical conditions it improves:

  • Female infertility caused by progesterone deficiency
  • Menstrual pain (Period pain or cramps)
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Endometriosis
  • Miscarriage

Besides treating the aforementioned health conditions, it is also a crucial part of Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). On this note, this drug is useful for treating a wide range of medical health conditions but upon prescription only. The treatment plan is personalized and thus varies among individuals. Hence, it can be risky to self-medicate.

Duphaston 10 mg (Dydrogesterone) Uses in Pregnancy

Of all its prescription uses, pregnancy tops the list. It is often suggested to women who are unable to conceive naturally and undergoing treatment with assisted reproduction. Among such females, this medicine is usually prescribed during fertilization or after ovulation. The main concern is to support the luteal phase of pregnancy, aiding the uterine lining for secreting and sustaining the pregnancy. Besides this, it plays a key role in preventing early miscarriage in pregnant women. With this said, you may wonder if you should take this medicine during pregnancy or not.

Usually, any medicine containing progesterone is ideal for minimizing uterine contractions and preventing miscarriage during early pregnancy. And increase arterial blood and glycogen in the uterine lining in women for providing essential nutrients to the fetus and creating a strong plug. It also helps in forming cervical mucus so that bacterial infusion is avoided. Hence, it may be required for pregnant women to continue using this medicine especially when they suspect threatened miscarriage. So, does it affect the foetus?

Most women using Duphaston 10 mg (Dydrogesterone) tablets during their early pregnancy have the least to no effects on the foetus. The drug interaction differs from female to female. And thus, regular monitoring of health is required when you’re taking this medicine during pregnancy.

Top Benefits of Duphaston 10 mg Tablets

  • Female infertility: It prepares the lining of the womb for conceiving the foetus. In addition, it regulates menstruation and prevents repetitive miscarriages. As a result, it is one of the foremost oral remedies for successful conception and prevention of recurrent abortions.
  • Menstrual pain: During menses, women experience moderate to severe abdominal pain or cramps. They contribute to the stress. Hence, this medicine helps in relieving stress, thus aiding relief along with rest.
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): Usually, women undergo a lot of physical and emotional imbalances before, during & after menstruation. PMS is a condition describing these imbalances. Duphaston 10 tablets help in relieving such symptoms as swelling, bloating, fatigue, cramps, headache, etc. On the contrary, it improves mood and eases any discomfort due to PMS. Such symptoms can be improved further by making necessary lifestyle adjustments like a healthy diet, quality sleep, exercise, yoga, meditation techniques, and so on.
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding: Duphaston tablets decrease the growth pace of womb lining before menses. Alongside this, it regulates and balances the menstrual cycle in women to reduce heavy or long-lasting bleeding. Thus, it improves the regularity of periods and restores hormonal balance in the uterus.


  • Endometriosis: When the endometrial tissue is mimicked outside the uterus and grows there, it is known as Endometriosis. Patients diagnosed with this medical condition have symptoms like lower stomach pain, severe pain during periods, discomfort during or after sex, loose motions, diarrhea, as well as difficulties in conception. This medicine aids in preventing the growth of endometrial tissue in the external part of the uterus and relieves the negative symptoms too.
  • Miscarriage: It is a former treatment for women who have complications during the early phase of pregnancy. This medicine increases the thickness of the uterine lining, making the womb attachment stronger for the fetus. As a result, it eliminates the chances of abnormal uterine contractions that may lead to premature delivery. In short, it creates an apt environment for supporting and maintaining pregnancy, thus preventing miscarriage & promoting early growth of the foetus.
  • HRT: This medicine is also helpful in protecting the uterus, providing necessary relief in menopausal symptoms, and regulating menstrual cycles. Moreover, it assists in preventing complications relating to Estrogen and thus supports fertility treatments too.

Duphaston 10 mg Dosage & Directions for Use

As mentioned earlier, the treatment is very personalized with this medicine. Therefore, the dosage timings and total treatment period vary among individuals.

Before directing the dosage and treatment, your doctor may suggest blood tests and ultrasonography among others.

  • This medicine is supposed to be taken at the same time every day and try not to skip any dose in between.
  • Swallow one whole Duphaston 10mg tablet with a glass of water, without crushing, chewing, or breaking the pill.
  • Keep using this medicine as directed by the healthcare provider and inform your doctor if you conceive.
  • Some women have reported vaginal bleeding or spotting in-between menstruation cycles. Report them to your healthcare provider instead of panicking. Seek guidance on how to handle such circumstances.
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages and have a nutritious diet and enough sleep during your treatment period.
  • Avoid overdosing on this medicine. Let it work at its pace and keep following medical guidance for expected improvements.
  • Enclomisign 50mg Tablet is a powerful medication used for the treatment of infertility in women.

Safety Notes, Precautionary Measures & Drug Warnings

  • Buy Duphaston 10 mg in the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia only after consulting your healthcare provider. You need to get your prescription tailored as per your needs, current medical conditions & allergies and medical history.
  • This medicine has a lot of uses and so should be handled carefully, according to medical guidance. At the same time, it is not ideal to share it with someone else suffering from similar symptoms as yours.
  • In fewer cases, users report adverse effects like headache, nausea, abdominal pain, allergic signs on the skin, unusual symptoms of jaundice, etc. Be very alert while taking this medicine so that such symptoms can be reported immediately & get the required medical treatment.
  • Duphaston 10 mg (Dydrogesterone) tablets may or may not be prescribed to individuals with liver impairment.
  • It should not be used among pregnant women who don’t have any signs of miscarriage. Inform your healthcare provider if you have a history of liver disease. Also, let them know if your family history shows breast cancer or breast carcinoma.
  • Avoid using this medicine if you’re allergic to Dydrogesterone or develop severe allergies during treatment.
  • Women with a history of heart strokes or attacks, blood clots, etc should inform the doctor before starting treatment with Duphaston 10mg pills. If used, it can lead to critical health situations.
  • It is important to use this medicine in the prescribed dose only. If misused or overdosed, it can create negative effects on the foetus as well as the female using this drug.
  • Start or stop your treatment under medical guidance only. Feel free to consult your medical care provider whenever necessary.

Duphaston 10 mg Side Effects

These side effects of Duphaston 10 mg may occur among users and they should be reported as soon as possible. However, you may wait for nausea and headache to minimize as your body gets comfortable with this medicine.

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Breast pain

Drug Interactions of Duphaston

Ask for the drug interactions of this medicine if you’re taking any medicines already. Especially, inform your healthcare provider if you are tolerant to lactose. This medicine contains Lactose and so might not suit women allergic to this active content. Talk about any OTC, prescription drug, or herbal supplement you’re using at the moment.

Duphaston 10 mg Reviews

“I utilized this drug for the first time and experienced significant alleviation from menstruation pain.  If you have intolerable menstrual pain, have it during the first day and you’ll feel such a major relief. I don’t use it every day during my periods but on the first day only, as prescribed.”

“Pre-menopause is such a tough phase. Heavy bleeding and mood swings are high. It becomes intolerable for most women to deal with such symptoms and so it is with me too. After using Duphaston, my pain subsides and I can do normal life activities without feeling severe pain.”

Storage & Disposal

  • Keep this medicine between 15 and 25 Degrees Celsius. Avoid exposure to damp areas or sunlight.
  • Store it out of reach of children.
  • If not required further, discard it in the trash can only. Do not flush.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Duphaston 10mg a birth control pill?

No, it is not a contraceptive birth control pill but a progesterone medicine used for a wide range of medical conditions. It is mainly prescribed for treating female infertility, symptoms of PMS, Endometriosis, etc. Seek relevant guidance if you’re looking for a birth control pill.

Does Duphaston 10 mg help with PCOS?

This drug is now known for helping women diagnosed with PCOS to conceive with a natural cycle. Talk to your doctor if you have PCOS and planning pregnancy.

What is the best time for using Duphaston & conceive?

If you are trying to conceive but diagnosed with low progesterone then it can be difficult to get pregnant or maintain pregnancy. Your doctor will share relevant guidance regarding the best time for using this drug and conceiving it successfully.

Why is Duphaston 10 mg used in pregnancy?

It can be prescribed during early pregnancy only to ensure a strong bond of the foetus to the uterine lining of the womb. However, it should not be used in pregnancy if the woman has no chance of miscarriage. This drug is only prescribed to women who are at risk of miscarriage or have reported recurrent miscarriages.

Can you get periods while using Duphaston 10mg tablets?

Some bleeding or spotting can be witnessed while using this medicine during menstrual periods. This is normal but if you suspect it is an abnormality, visit your healthcare provider.

2 reviews for Duphaston 10 mg (Dydrogesterone)

  1. Katie Walter

    When I was suffering from irregular menstruation for a long time, Duphaston 10 mg pill was very helpful for me. Thank you so much!

  2. Kate Gorman

    Using Duphaston 10 mg has given me great relief in the treatment of my severe menstrual problem.

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