Honvan (Fosfestrol Tetrasodium)


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Fosfestrol Tetrasodium


Prostate cancer


Zydus Cadila Pharma


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Honvan (Fosfestrol Tetrasodium)
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What Our Customer Says

Buy Honvan: A promising therapy for prostate cancer. Learn how to buy it and explore its potential effectiveness in prostate cancer treatment.

Prostate cancer primarily affects men and develops within the prostate gland, a crucial element of the male reproductive system. Risk factors that can elevate the likelihood of developing this cancer include advancing age, a family history of the condition, particular racial backgrounds, and genetic susceptibilities.

In its initial phases, prostate cancer may remain asymptomatic, but as it progresses, it can lead to issues like urinary challenges, discomfort, and sexual difficulties. Detection methods involve screening through the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test and digital rectal exams (DRE), followed by a biopsy for confirmation. After all this, a medicine like this comes into play to tackle the condition. Buy Honvan online for your severe condition.

What is Honvan?

Honvan Australia is a medicine that contains 120 mg of fosfestrol as an active ingredient. Honvan for sale is available in tablet form and is manufactured by Zydus Cadila, a prestigious pharmaceutical brand in India.

What does Honvan consist of?

This medicine consists of Fosfestrol as an active ingredient additionally, it contains other ingredients, so-called excipients, like fillers, binders, disintegrants, lubricants, and coatings.

Why do people need Honvan?

Fosfestrol, commonly recognized as Honvan, serves as a medication predominantly employed in addressing hormone-resistant prostate cancer, a condition where standard hormone therapies prove ineffective.

This drug falls within the category of synthetic estrogens and steps in when traditional treatments have faltered. Its primary function lies in impeding the proliferation of prostate cancer cells by disrupting their hormone receptors. This intervention not only aims to alleviate distressing symptoms but also holds promise for extending the life expectancy of those grappling with advanced prostate cancer.

Honvan benefits

In addition to its primary purposes, this medicine may present additional advantages, including potential migraine prevention, relief from anxiety symptoms, enhanced exercise tolerance for individuals with heart conditions, and relief from discomforts associated with high blood pressure, such as headaches and dizziness.

Moreover, it might possess cardioprotective qualities, potentially lowering the likelihood of heart-related complications. These supplementary benefits make it a versatile medication with the potential to address various health concerns. To enjoy these benefits, get Honvan online at Generic Meds Australia.

How does Honvan work?

Prostate cancer often grows because of male hormones, like testosterone, which tell cancer cells to multiply. It is a bit like these hormones, but it works in a special way. When you take it, it competes with testosterone to attach to the cancer cells. When it wins this competition, it blocks the cancer cells from getting the testosterone they need to grow.

This slowdown in growth can make the cancer shrink, relieve symptoms, and maybe help patients live longer. But it’s important to remember that doctors usually use this medicine when other treatments haven’t worked, and they keep a close eye on its effects because it can have side effects and interact with other medicines.

How to use Honvan

It is a medication derived from synthetic estrogen. To effectively use these tablets:

  1. Swallow the tablet whole, accompanied by a glass of water.
  2. Do not chew, crush, or split the tablet.
  3. Taking such tablets with or without food is acceptable.


This therapy is conveniently available in 120-mg tablet form, ensuring simplicity in your regimen. Typically, it’s a once-a-day dosage, best taken at a consistent time, whether with or without meals.

Drug interactions with Honvan

Some of the most important drug interactions to be aware of include:

  • Warfarin
  • Blood thinner
  • Herbal supplements
  • Albendazole
  • Clomiphene
  • Danazole
  • Estrogen-containing medicine
  • Phenytoin
  • Rifampin
  • Methotrexate

Honvan Side Effects

It can cause a number of side effects, both common and serious.

Common side effects:

  • Hot flashes
  • Impotence
  • Decreased libido
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Reactions at the injection site (such as pain, redness, or swelling)
  • Leg and foot swelling and fluid retention

Serious side effects:

  • Bone loss
  • Cataracts
  • Blood clots
  • Stroke
  • Allergic reactions
  • Liver damage
  • Changes in vision
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Increase the risk of osteoporosis

Warnings and Precautions

  • Bone Health:

It may lead to bone loss, increasing fracture risk. Discuss bone health strategies, like calcium and vitamin D supplements, with your doctor.

  • Cataracts:

This tablet can cause cataracts, affecting eye health. Regular eye exams are essential during treatment.

  • Liver Function:

Be aware of potential liver damage with it. Schedule regular liver function tests.

  • Kidney Health:

Fosfestrol may pose kidney risks.

  • Birth Defects:

It can result in birth defects. If sexually active and on Honvan, practice effective contraception.

  • Diabetes Control:

Monitor blood sugar levels closely, as this can impact diabetes control.

  • Blood Pressure:

Keep an eye on your blood pressure, as it may rise.

Where can I buy Honvan in Australia?

In Australia, acquiring these tablets typically involves securing a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional. Once you have the prescription in hand, you can procure it from a certified pharmacy or healthcare establishment.

It’s paramount to adhere to your doctor’s recommendations and source the medication from a trusted outlet to guarantee its integrity and safety. For a seamless and secure acquisition of this medicine, always rely on reputable sources.

Is Honvan legal in Australia?

The TGA has not approved this medicine for use in Australia. If you are interested in taking it, you will need to speak to your doctor. Your doctor can assess your individual needs and determine if such a tablet is the right treatment for you. If your doctor believes that medicine like this is the best treatment option for you, they can apply for a special access scheme (SAS) permit from the TGA.

Honvan review

Max Hemingway

Prostate cancer is just dreadful for anybody. My father got it last year, and he has been on this medicine since he got it.

Zian Crossley

This medicine is helping in mitigating the pain that I used to suffer because of migraines. I take it as soon as the ache happens, and that makes me feel good.

Holloway Garnacha

Absolutely cool product. The manufacturer has done a great job in terms of Honvan price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this medicine valid for any other cancer?

While it is not a first-line treatment for other types of cancer, healthcare providers may occasionally consider it for off-label or experimental use in specific cases.

How long does it stay in the body?

Fosfestrol typically maintains its effects throughout the day until the next dose is due. It gradually undergoes metabolism and elimination within the body as time progresses.

What is its therapeutic class?

Its therapeutic class is antineoplastic.


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