Fildena 120 MG


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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


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Fildena 120 MG
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What Our Customer Says

Get rid of erectile dysfunction immediately by taking the Fildena 120.

It is a powerful and FDA-approved ED medicine, providing effective results in overcoming erectile dysfunction immediately.

Thus, use this ED tablet every day to get the best outcomes.

What Is Fildena 120?

Fildena 120mg is a cheap ED tablet, and it is a fast-acting ED medication and highly prescribed for men facing erectile dysfunction.

It consists of an active constituent of Sildenafil citrate, which helps augment blood flow in the penile area and works to treat erectile dysfunction.

Fortune Healthcare, India, is one of the largest pharmaceutical industries and manufactures Fildena.

This ED tablet lasts up to 4 to 5 hours. Fildena works perfectly for men of all ages between 18 to 65.

Men having problems maintaining and acquiring erections properly can use Fildena.

This ED drug is also a potent PDE type-5 inhibitor taken orally.

For the best treatment of erectile dysfunction, buy Fildena 120 mg online today.

What Does Fildena 120mg Consist of?

Sildenafil citrate is the main active ingredient of the Fildena tablet.

Why Do People Need Fildena 120mg?

The reason is simple, although people need Fildena to eliminate the problems of erectile dysfunction.

It is the best-known ED pill and helps cure ED issues immediately after taking the medication.

Thus, every man suffering from ED problems can take Fildena 120mg tablets, which helps keep erection levels harder and stable.

Taking this medicine per day on time surely helps you get rid of sexual illness immediately.

Fildena Benefits

Fildena is an effective ED drug, gives a full recovery from ED problems, and contains Sildenafil natural element that will treat ED disorders right away.

It is a high-quality ED medicine that cures your impotence of all sexual-related issues at the same time without any hassle and delay.

Buying Fildena 120 online gives the right treatment for ED problems. Get the Fildena at the lowest prices online.

It doesn’t have many serious side effects.

How Does Fildena 120mg work?

Fildena 120mg tablet is a pool of medicines called PDE-5.

It restrains the cGMP enzyme, which is also helpful in widening the blood vessels and amplifying blood flow into vessels, which results in treating erectile dysfunction and triggers sexual intercourse.

This way, it boosts the flow of blood into penile veins and relaxes the muscles in the penile so that men can perform better sex with their partners.

How to use Fildena 120 mg Tablets?

It is very easy to consume directly with water in the oral form.

Take this ED pill without eating any meals.

Eat up this ED tablet with or without food.

Do not eat heavy meals before using Fildena.

Also, take one tablet regularly for 35 minutes of doing sexual activity.

Available Dosages:

Fildena 25

Fildena 50 MG

Fildena 100 MG

Fildena 120 MG

Fildena 150 MG

Fildena 200 MG

Fildena Double 200 MG

Side Effects:

  • Nausea
  • Nasal disturbances
  • Headaches (most common)
  • Flushing
  • Back pain
  • Dizziness ( most common)
  • Visual disturbances
  • Indigestion

Warning & Precautions

  • These medicines of Fildena should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription and advice
  • If you are suffering from allergic reactions to Sildenafil or any other active compound, stop taking a tablet
  • Ensure you have taken your medicine at the right time without any delay
  • No overdose should be consumed, otherwise, it may increase the risk of severe health problems
  • If you are already under the prescription for other treatments, consult your doctor before taking this ED pill
  • Know about the medicine with all the details before taking the medicine

Where To Buy Fildena 120 mg In Australia?

One of the most reliable and trustworthy places to buy Fildena 120 mg online, yes, purchase this medicine online at

However, Genericmedsaustralia offers the most effective ED tablets at the best possible rates with a hassle-free process.

Visiting the Genericmedsaustralia site, you can see thousands of ED medicines available to choose from according to your requirements and buy at affordable prices.

It is a well-known drug platform that offers ED tablets at cost-effective prices. Thus, grab this golden opportunity to buy Fildena 120 mg at discount rates.

Is Fildena 120mg Legal in Australia?

Of course, without a doubt, the Fildena 120mg is clinically tested plus approved medicine by FDA departments which are also legal in Australia and offers the ED medication in your designed budget online.

Fildena 120 mg Review

Fildena 120 mg review is always on the top list of ED medicine, although it is the most branded medicine used to treat ED problems.

Today, most men are using this Fildena, and they shared their great experience of using this medicine which treats impotence issues successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What causes taking an overdose?

Overdose is always risky for your health, causing severe negative effects and many health issues at the same time.

What causes if I miss a dose of Fildena 120mg?

If I miss a dosage of Fildena medication so, it may affect me badly on your health, use this medicine at the right time without missing a dose.

How to store Fildena?

For storage of Fildena 120 mg, you should not keep the medicine in severe sunlight exposure plus, do not let children and pets touch the ED medication.

Although, keep Fildena in a cool and dry area always.

Is Fildena FDA Approved?

Yes, Fildena 120mg is approved by the FDA organization even though it is clinically tested ED medicine used by men to treat ED problems.

Can you drink alcohol while taking Fildena 120 mg?

Do not take alcohol while taking Fildena 120 mg, which may cause serious health risks, so avoid alcohol while under the prescription of Fildena.


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