Candid Ear Drop (Clotrimazole)

Candid Ear Drop (Clotrimazole)


Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Clotrimazole
Indication: fungal infections in the ear
Manufacturer: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Packaging: 10ml in bottle
Strength 10ml
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Candid Ear Drop (Clotrimazole) - Tablets

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Buy Candid Ear Drop (Clotrimazole) 10ml Australia

Candid Ear Drop is a medication for fungal infections. It helps to relieve any kind of pain or symptoms that are associated with the infection. The dose consists of Lignocaine and Clotrimazole as the active ingredient, which with their useful properties help to kill fungus and to free the ears from the infection. Just use it as per the prescription and receive the desired results.

Buy Candid Ear Drop | Candid Ear Drop for Ear Infections

If you have a fungus infection in your ears, which is causing redness, swelling, or any other symptoms, and the medications you have doesn’t seem to be working, just consult the doctor today and get the prescription for the medication.

Buy Candid Ear Drop and take it as right as the doctor recommends. Do not contaminate the dropper by touching it on the floor, and do not take the dose from the bottle which has been opened for 4 weeks and more. Also, avoid the prolonged use of the medication. It will help a lot.

What Is Candid Ear Drop?

Candid Ear Drop is a medication consisting of two active ingredients combination, Clotrimazole, and Lignocaine that work to help treat fungal infections in the ears. The dose works to kill and also inhibit fungi growth within the ears. This, in turn, helps in relieving any kind of discomfort, irritation, pain, and itching within the ear.

The dose of Candid Ear Drop is manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. As responsible manufacturers, they ensure the medication is free of flaws and ensure nothing but quality and effectiveness with its use. Further, with transparency within the list of medications, they make sure that the dose isn’t taken by anyone who is allergic to the active or non-active ingredients of the medication. So, just trust them and take the dose without fear.

Candid Drop is meant for external use. Make sure to use it for the prescribed duration and in the doses provided. Take the dose regularly to receive the most out of it. You can even help the medication work correctly by ensuring to keep the affected area completely clean and dry. Also, washing your hands after and before the treatment would be the best choice.

What Does Candid Ear Drop Consist of?

The dose consists of Lignocaine and Clotrimazole combination. These are local anesthetics and antifungals that are helpful in the treatment of fungal ear infections. The dose is meant for external use only and will provide the expected results only if the same is taken right as the doctor prescribes. Just follow the prescription, and for more questions, contact your physician.

Why Do People Need Candid Ear Drop?

Buy Candid Ear Drop Online and use it as per the prescription. It would help with the treatment of the fungal infections which are known to affect ears and cause otomycosis. It also helps within relieving the pain that remains associated with ear infections. Just do not double the dose and use it only in the ears.

Candid Ear Drop Benefits

Candid Ear Drop Online is bought and used for fungal infections. It helps treat the infections by killing and stopping the fungus growth, hence helping to clear the infection. Further, it also helps reduce the pain, redness, swelling, and itching from the ears caused by the infection. Just complete the full course and do not leave it in between. It will ensure that the infection doesn’t return back and it is cured completely.

How Does Candid Ear Drop Work?

Candid Ear Drops, or the combination of medications consisting of Clotrimazole and Lignocaine, is a medication that helps in the treatment of ear infections. Lignocaine used here acts as the local anesthetic. It helps in blocking the pain signals from nerves to the brain.

This helps to decrease the pain sensation in the ear. Clotrimazole, on the other hand, is an antifungal. It works to stop the fungi growth in the ears and prevents the fungi from forming a protective covering. In this way, it helps to clear the infection completely.

How to use Candid Ear Drop Tablets?

The medication must be used in the dose and for the duration, the prescription asks for. Make sure to check the label you receive with the dose, to know the directions before use.

Hold the dropper close to the ear, and do not try to touch it. Then gently squeeze the dropper and allow the medication to enter inside the ear to help with the infections.


Just take 2 to 3 drops in the ear twice/thrice a day. Use it for the duration that’s been prescribed by the physician. Remember, the dose is meant for external application only. So, make sure not to swallow it or try to put it in the areas for which it isn’t intended. Also, do not dry to miss or overdose. In case any altered effects are experienced, contact the doctor immediately.

Drug Interactions with Candid Ear Drop

Before you use an ear drop dose, let the doctor know if you are taking drugs for high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, oral contraceptives, medications for ear infections, glaucoma, etc. It will help in avoiding any kind of drug interactions and, therefore, any kind of altered effects on the dose. Also, do not take the dose of Candid Drop if you are allergic to its active ingredients.

Side Effects

  • Burning sensation
  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Difficulty within swallowing

Warning & Precautions

  • Do not use the medication if you are pregnant or breastfeeding without consulting the doctor.
  • The dose can cause ease in the pain and also swelling that’s associated with ear infections.
  • Just put drops in the ear and try not to touch the dropper. Stay on a side for at least 2 minutes, or just put the cotton plug in the ears.
  • Avoid any dose contact with the mouth, eyes, or nose. Just rinse it off using water in case any areas get into accidental contact.
  • Try not to clean the ear insides using cotton buds. In case if you try to stick the buds or other objects in the ear, it will cause further damage. So, just wipe the outside of the ear using a tissue or a clean cloth in case any discharge is seen.
  • Just take the dose at the prescribed time.
  • Do not use the medication bottle if it has been open for more than 4 weeks.

Where to Buy Candid Ear Drop in Australia?

Check out Candid Ear Drop Price today and purchase the medication online or offline. Just do better research before making the purchase. It will help in avoiding any unwanted purchases or fraud cases with you.

You can even choose Generic Meds Australia. They offer Candid Ear Drop for sale. They even have other medications available at affordable prices and better discounts. So, go ahead and make the purchase today. Get it home-delivery without any kind of hassles.

Is Candid Ear Drop Legal in Australia

Candid Ear Drop Australia is completely legal. However, one must have a prescription to get the dose either through offline or online pharmacies. Also, one must not try to get the medication illegally without a prescription through the websites that claim to offer the quality. It can cause harm to the body and lead to altered effects.

Candid Ear Drop review

Candid Ear Drop Review is helpful within the treatment of ear infections as the dose is intended to. However, it is to ensure that the dose is just in the ears and no place else. Also, taking it in exact quantity as prescribed is highly recommended to avoid any kind of altered effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if I mistakenly swallow the Candid Ear Drop or it goes into my eyes?

In case of accidental swallowing or contact with the eyes, make sure to rinse the mouth immediately or wash the eyes with water. Then, inform the doctor about it.

How long can one take the dose of Candid Ear Drop?

The dose must be taken for the prescribed time. Try not to stop the use in between if you start to feel better. Do not even use it for more than the duration that’s been prescribed for its use.

Can I use Candid Ear Drop for babies?

No, do not use ear drops for the babies. Consult the pediatrician first.


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