Axcer 90 mg (Ticagrelor)

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used for blood clots


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    Axcer 90 mg (Ticagrelor)
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    What Our Customer Says

    Axcer 90 mg (Ticagrelor) Australia

    Buy Axcer 90mg tablet effective heart care for patients with pre-existing conditions Reduce heart failure risk. When a blood vessel is injured, a complicated process call blood clot formation occurs. Initially, the vessel narrows to slow down blood flow, and tiny cell fragments call platelets stick to the injury and become active. These active platelets release chemicals that create a temporary plug at the site.

    At the same time, a series of reactions turn a substance call fibrinogen into threads of fibrin, strengthening the plug and turning it into a stable clot. This process is essential for healing, but sometimes it goes wrong, causing harmful clots. Conditions like artery blockages or heart stent procedures increase the risk of these clots. Stents are special devices place in narrow arteries to improve blood flow. Buy Axcer 90 online to reduce the risk of blood clots.

    What is Axcer 90 mg?

    Axcer 90 mg Australia, manufactured by AstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd, falls under the therapeutic classification of anticoagulants and Antiplatelets. Axcer is a medication belonging to the group of Antiplatelets, or blood thinners. It is available for sale in tablet form.

    What does Axcer 90 consist of?

    This tablet contains Ticagrelor 90 mg as its active ingredient.

    Why do people need Axcer 90?

    Axcer 90 mg (Ticagrelor) finds essential applications in preventing blood clots and mitigating the risk of stroke and heart attack in individuals afflicted by specific medical conditions. These conditions comprise acute coronary syndrome (ACS), encompassing abrupt decreases in heart blood flow resulting in heart attacks and unstable angina.

    It is instrumental in managing peripheral artery disease (PAD), characterized by the narrowing or blockage of leg arteries, potentially causing reduced blood flow to the legs and feet and heightening the risk of clots.

    Additionally, it is prescribed to prevent recurrent heart attacks in those who have suffered one within the past year.

    Furthermore, it is instrumental in inhibiting blood clot formation in stents, those tiny metal tubes inserted into arteries to uphold their patency.

    Axcer 90 mg Benefits

    • Lowering heart attack chances:

    Its role in averting heart attacks and strokes is particularly significant for people with heart issues or irregular heart rhythms.

    • For Angina:

    This medicine is useful in treating a condition call angina because of its property of making the heart healthy. Angina is discomfort that occurs in the chest due to a lack of oxygen-reached blood supply to the heart.

    How does Axcer 90 work?

    It accomplishes this by inhibiting the bonding of platelets, the minute cells in our bloodstream. When these platelets cluster, they create clots that have the potential to obstruct blood vessels, resulting in critical cardiovascular incidents such as heart attacks or strokes.

    This medicine intervenes in this process, hindering the platelets’ ability to adhere to each other. By decreasing the formation of these harmful blood clots, it significantly lowers the chances of experiencing life-threatening heart-related incidents.

    How to use Axcer 90

    • It is recommended to take it with or without food, providing flexibility in its administration.
    • Swallow the tablet whole with a glass of water, avoiding any attempts to break, crush, or chew the tablet.
    • Take the medication consistently at the same time daily.


    Adults with a heart attack: Take one 90-mg Axcer tablet after meals, twice daily, as directed. Geriatric patients follow the same dosage and guidelines. Individual doses depend on disease, administration route, age, and medical history, as prescribed by the doctor.

    Excessive intake may exhibit signs or symptoms. If you notice unusual reactions, contact your doctor promptly. Adhere to the prescribed dosage to maintain safety and well-being.

    • Axcer 60 (Ticagrelor)
    • Axcer 90 (Ticagrelor)

    Drug interactions with Axcer 90 mg

    • Antiaarythmic
    • Anticonvulsant
    • Lithium
    • Selective serotonin reuptake
    • Monoamise oxidase inhibits
    • NSAIDs

    Side Effects

    • Headache
    • Shortness of breath
    • Dizziness
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Fatigue
    • Bruising
    • Bleeding
    • Decreased white blood cell count
    • Anemia
    • Nosebleeds
    • Bleeding from the gums
    • Heavy menstrual bleeding
    • Blood in the urine
    • Allergic reactions
    • Liver damage
    • Gastrointestinal bleeding
    • Life-threatening bleeding

    Warnings and Precautions

    • Kidney:

    It is generally deemed safe for individuals with kidney issues; however, it’s prudent to consult a healthcare professional if you have renal concerns before initiating usage.

    • Liver:

    Potentially it can be dangerous for those with liver disease, it’s important to inform your healthcare provider to alleviate the associated risks and benefits.

    • Lactation:

    Likely unsafe for breastfeeding; consulting a healthcare provider before use is strongly recommended.

    • Alcohol:

    Consuming alcohol is not advisable, because it could impact the effectiveness of the medication.

    • Driving:

    Exercise caution, as this medication may induce drowsiness; refraining from driving if experiencing abnormal sensations post-consumption is advisable.

    • Food:

    While it can be take with or without food, consulting a healthcare provider regarding any potential food interactions is advisable.

    Where to buy the Axcer 90 in Australia?

    In Australia, acquiring this medication necessitates obtaining a valid prescription from a licensed psychiatrist, a crucial measure ensuring responsible drug usage and compliance with healthcare protocols.

    With an approved prescription in hand, individuals can conveniently obtain the medicine through authorized avenues, including reputable online platforms like Generic Meds Australia. Explore the Axcer 90 mg price on Generic Meds Australia for further information.

    Is Axcer 90 legal in Australia?

    In Australia, this medication is allowed for use only with a valid prescription. Any sale or purchase without the proper prescription is strictly forbidden under the law.

    Axcer 90 review

    Gerard Moreno

    I am impressed with the efficacy of the medicine, as it did offer me relief from a heart issue in a short period of time.

    Kevin Oliver

    My thrombosis bowed down to this medicine. This medication is highly effective.

    Hensely Clark

    There are several other blood thinners available as well, but according to me, this one is the best.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does this tablet make individuals sleepy?

    No, this tablet is not meant to cause drowsiness; however, interaction with other drugs might generate sleepiness.

    If I have trouble swallowing it as a whole, then can I mix it with water?

    Mixing it with water is not recommend.

    What are the alternatives to this treatment?

    Brilinta 90 mg tablet is a well-known alternative to this medicine.

    1 review for Axcer 90 mg (Ticagrelor)

    1. Joshua Maloney

      I have been suffering from heart problems for a long time but with the help of Axcer 90mg medicine heart care has seen effective improvement in the risk of heart failure.

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